natural [drabble]
Title: natural.
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/Ohkura Tadayoshi
Rating: G
Word count: 537
Summary: Based off Kanjani8's appearance on Music Station 2008.03.14, where they performed Wahaha.
Disclaimer: Not mine. There’s a reason they’re called Johnny’s.
Author’s Notes: The first piece of Ryohkura fiction I ever wrote, back in February 2010. I posted it under a different username, which I no longer use due to some troll stalking me through that journal. Thank you to those who read and commented in my old journal <333 and sorry I never got the chance to respond >.< 

in a heartbeat, warm fingers slide into the spaces in between hisCollapse )

Mannequin [one shot]

Title: Mannequin
Pairing: Ryohkura.
Rating: PG -13.
Genre: Romance/Fluff .
Word count:
1, 554.
Ryo overhears something and it gets stuck in his head. Loosely based on Ryo's recent guest appearance on Kuwazugirai. Unbeta-ed.
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. There's a reason they're called Johnny's.
Author's notes: 
Been craving for some Ryohkura lately. Worked on several stories for the past few weeks, but this one, which I started writing about 5 hours ago, is the only one I have managed to complete so far. Epic fail. Hope you enjoy this anyway. Comments keep my muse from running away ^__^

It really never pays to eavesdrop.Collapse )


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